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What is Predictive Casual Analytics?

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Casualty can happen in any industry or business. Predictive Casual Analytics helps to understand, assess and estimate the causality involved in your business to take necessary measures. The causal analytics solutions involve causality benchmarking as designed by ISO.

The analysis done by the solution involves studying huge data set that involves multiple market segments, casualty information of past many years and many categories of market.

Predictive Casual Analytics solution help the business in following ways:

  • Manage the reinsurance risks
  • Review the losses and premium payments for various criterion
  • Find out the trends frequency and severity of casualty.
  • Find issues and opportunities in the market from time to time to design plan of action.
  • Review the pricing strategy for policy renewals. The strategy can be designed based on size, state and market.
  • Provide graphical representations for various research needs in casualty.

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