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Top Machine Learning Companies


Machine learning and Artificial intelligence in general are among the most disrupting inventions of the century. Machine learning keeps proving to be useful in major industries and that is evident by the fast uptake of the technology by big companies from all over the world. Enterprise IT has made it possible for companies to benefit from the amazing technology where software learn on its own without the help of a human being. 

Today we see machine learning capabilities dressed into different types of enterprise software. Machine learning has become so essential that many organizations have begun to build in house data science departments. All this is intending to analyze data to generate more insightful points of view. Consequently, companies are incorporating, machine learning capabilities in the organization’s products to solve industry problems.

Companies are now in search of vendors to develop their machine learning and AI software and tools. The companies in this list below develop the best of Machine Learning tools and deserve a standing ovation, but first, how do you know if a company is qualified to provide ML services?

Selecting a Machine Learning Company

There are so many questions that need to be asked before deciding on which company will satisfy your need for machine learning. The first thing you should know is that machine learning capabilities vary widely and that every machine learning tool is designed to perform a specific set of functions.

What to Consider?More Information
Who is the end-user?Do you have a business that has analysts or data scientists with experience? What knowledge do they have?
Where to deploy?Some tools run on SaaS and some on cloud services while some can be run by your servers. Find the one that fits your company security and management needs.
Data sourceYou need to be sure your machine learning system can feed on a reliable and accessible source.
DataConsider data preparation, cleansing and management needs of your data and decide whether you want an end-to-end platform or one focused on machine learning with limitations.
SpecificationsAre you willing to pay more for better capabilities? ML platforms that come with advanced automation capabilities, better user interfaces and templates could be very effective but costly.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Top 3 Machine Learning Companies

1. Amazon web services(AWS)

With a fair price plan, Amazon allows scientists to work inclusively when carrying out all processes enabling a friendly working environment. Every year the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, addresses his clients with an update of the accomplishments and upcoming new products. In His address, he highlights advancements in AI and Machine learning boasts about Amazon’s voice recognition AI – Alexa. 

To show its generosity, Amazon doesn’t hold its technology to itself, Machine learning services are available to customers. Its major clients include Netflix, Verizon Com and many more.

Amazon Machine learning services are focused on the flagship SageMaker line of products. They include the SageMaker Ground Truth tool best for data set building and management, SageMaker Autopilot for training models, SageMaker Studio IDE, Augmented AI for human prediction review.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft’s Azure is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in machine learning and AI development. It specializes in cloud infrastructure which is not only home to AI and ML- driven tools but also language, robotics, medical imaging and many other tools. 

Azure’s Machine Learning services are code-based and drag-and-drop interfaces. Their services include bias detecting and fairness management. It supports vast open-source tools, including ONNX MLflow, PyTorch, Kubeflow, Python, TensorFlow, and R. 

Its package comes in two options; Basic and Enterprise which is designed to accommodate beginners and advanced users. Prices vary based on the specifications of the ML system.


TIBCO data science is the primary machine learning product for TIBCO. It has ML capability which integrates with TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO’s flagship analytics platform. It offers features like AutoML, auditability, data preparation, pre-built templates, embedded Jupyter Notebooks, version control, model building and more.

TIBCO data science has four options in the offer: Statistica and AWS which has free versions and then Team Studio and the Students and Academics edition. The platform has good reviews for its excellent capabilities for data preparation and data integration expertise which makes it easier to source data from outside.

Parting shot

Many other companies offer AI services like Google, Facebook, IBM et cetera. But Amazon, Microsoft and TIBCO are specialists in Machine Learning services. As technology change with time new inventions in machine learning will come and other budding companies will also rise. But one this is for sure – the future is in machine learning.

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