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Machine Learning Servers

Machine learning server is a server that uses data science and various technologies like R and Python. The server can be developed to be accessed as a web service or as a component that can be added to other software. You can run a machine learning server in different environments:

  • Locally on-premises or deploy in a cloud environment
  • In any variety of OS
  • In a distributed mode where you want the server to meet specific functional requirements of different computers.

There are mainly two types of machine learning servers;

Machine Learning Server for Hadoop

Hadoop offers a great advantage to companies looking to stay ahead of the game. Hadoop helps organizations collect tons of data that will provide insight. Such data can be applied in machine learning to do sentiment analysis, fraud detection, predictive maintenance, churn analysis and many more uses.
Using a collection of technologies and open source projects for processing and storage, Hadoop requires competent IT and analytics skills. Due to Hadloop’s complex and time-consuming nature, its ability to extract insights proves to be very challenging. 

Machine Learning Server for Linux

Linux uses R and Python in clustered and standalone topologies. Unlike Hadoop, Linux is more reliable for numerous reasons including; community support, better security because of its robust character, great performance in data transfer and modularity because of the ease of partitioning.

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