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Machine Learning Consulting

Demystifying Machine Learning Consultancy

Machine learning consulting is one of the new kids on the block in digital marketing. Sometimes referred to as data science consulting, machine learning consulting is when a machine learning company helps you with improving AI capabilities in your business. Machine learning consultant’s use highly trained systems powered by AI to automate processes of your business in order to increase sales and revenue. This mostly works over the phone or via email.

So there you have it. Machine learning consultants are not robots, rather they are human beings with profound knowledge of machine learning.

To simplify this, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence where systems are trained to act and think based on the data that is fed to them. Data helps systems identify and use patterns to make decisions.

Roles of Machine Learning Consultants

  • Determine and demonstrate how a machine learning strategy will work for your company.
  • Interpret how a machine learning strategy will improve different areas of your business.
  • Explain and prepare what will be needed to develop the algorithms that will bring the desired results.

Activities of a Machine Learning Consultancy

Understanding the Business NeedsThe need for consulting services is because there is a huge lack in business. Whatever reason that may be, misunderstanding business requirements has caused a lot of failure in the consulting and software projects. Machine learning consulting is at the core of understanding business needs and providing solutions through machine learning systems.
Setting up the Team and ProcessFor a fair machine learning system, stakeholders need to be involved. Machine learning consultancies set up teams involved in the development and deployment and initiate the process of machine learning creation.
Data Collection & ExplorationMachine learning consultancies analyze your business and identify the resources needed to successfully create a machine learning system, this includes; data, processors, algorithms, and servers to host the ML. they further collect data, prepare, clean and analyze it.
Model DevelopmentFor machine learning to be successful, a training model needs to be developed. This is the work of machine learning consultants. After collecting and feeding data into your ML is then trained and tested using different algorithms to achieve results that suit your business needs.
Full-stack Application DevelopmentThe machine learning model needs additional integration and software development for success to be achieved. Scalability needs to be addressed together with data security issues. Machine learning agencies do all this as part of operationalizing the model.

Why Your Business Needs Machine Learning Consulting?

It is in the best interest of your business to invest in machine learning consulting in order to reap big and be a step ahead in the ever-growing and competitive business world. Below are the three most important reasons that you will need this kind of expertise:

Saves MoneyRunning a machine learning campaign for your business can be very costly for you. Imagine investing in software, powerful processors, and skill for you and your team and starting to create a machine learning system from a scratch. That will not only take a huge time but also affect your budget thereby increasing overhead costs.
Hiring a machine learning consultancy agency will save you all the hustle, the consultancy will handle everything with ease. Almost free price as compared to the benefits you will reap from machine learning.
Impressive ResultsMachine learning experts speak the language of machine learning which means they know very well how to drive results for your business.
They will understand your business goals and best implement processes that will most benefit your business and the metrics that matter to you.
Saves TimeAs they say, time is money. Machine learning consultancy agents can do a lot for your business by running your entire machine learning campaign.
Deciding to do it yourself will take a reasonable time out of your organization’s resources. Imagine the cost of training for AI and Machine leaning and running a machine learning campaign that has tedious processes like data collection, training models, and so on.
To save time, hire a machine learning consultancy and avoid all the stress and time wasted. This will assure a fast ROI for your business.

Choosing the Right Machine Learning Consultancy

Now that you have understood a little bit about machine learning consultancy, the role consultancy agencies play, and why every business needs them, let’s further dig into how to find the right machine learning consultancy for you.

Factor to ConsiderDescription
Understand the Agency GoalsUnderstanding the agency’s goals can help you know if they will help you achieve your goals. Find out the level of the consultancy’s commitment towards your project or they are interested in the money alone.
How are they interested in your project? Are they asking the right questions in line with your specific company needs for machine learning? What about their team, is it a skill or experience team?
Agency’s Industry ExperienceBeing an expert in machine learning is one thing and being an industry machine learning expert is the other. Find a consultant who has practiced in your business field. Look at their portfolio and try to find one of their clients in the same industry as yours, who have been served by the same consultancy.
Verify Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Activities of the Consultant To know if the agency you want to hire is an active player in the community, they contribute largely to the development, use, and research of machine learning and AI technologies. A good way of confirming is by checking their social media, release and research papers published, speaking in major AI and ML conferences, and many topic-related forums.
Customer ReviewsThere are many platforms collecting reviews for products, services, and business ratings for businesses worldwide. Examples are Clutch.co and trust pilot.
Check reviews for the consultancies you’re hoping to hire and find out about what other customers are saying about their services. You can follow up with clients who posted reviews for more information. This is one of the most assuring ways to know if an agency is genuine or not.
Understand and Define Your Company NeedsDo a self-appraisal on your business and understand what problems you want to solve. Know if you have the right skills within your company to solve the problem and what skills you will outsource from the machine learning consultants.
Further, analyze how the solutions offered will help your organization and the needs in terms of resources and costing before settling to a single machine-learning expert out there.
Consultants who Volunteer Information to Help You Reach Your Solution FasterThere are a few tricks in ML and machine teaching consultants kn0w best some of these secrets that cannot be found on the internet and obvious sources. They should be ahead of the game and understand the efforts needed, the technologies and techniques they will use to implement your project.
When engaging a machine learning consultant, they should be in a better position to explain to you better ways of implementing the machine learning systems. These include things like the algorithms they will use and the specifications for the processing units needed.


By and large, the value of a machine learning consultancy is not in the ideas they share but rather in the expertise and skill used in solving and running day-to-day problems they encounter.

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