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Data Analytics and Visualization – Working Together

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Data analytics and visualization work together and support each other in analytical reasoning to derive meaningful insights. Data visualization offers necessary interactive visual presentation of data for use by data analytics. These two disciplines combined together are referred to popularly as visual analytics.

Visual analytics is the association between data visualization and data analytics.

Application of Visual Analytics with Data Analytics and Visualization

The following are the application of visual analytics in the real world:

  • The visual presentation of data from data visualization discipline works with the analytical methods and tools from data analytics in order to solve the real world and business problems.
  • Data analytics offers data driven decision making and high-level analysis for which visualization offers the supporting data and ground. As data visualization takes support of data mining and statistics to gather and present data, the information thus presented can be used for detailed data analysis.
  • Visual dashboards and data source integration tools offered by data visualization can be integrated with the data analysis tools to create an interface that supports data driven decision making.
  • Visualization and big data analytics work together to present huge amount of big data in a colorful interactive data that helps you to track any trends, patterns and hidden scenarios that can be sued to make effective data driven decisions.
  • Many financial institutions are facing challenges about using the great benefits offered by the big data of their customer information and transactions. Visual analytics offer the necessary insights to using the big data to improve their customer relationships. The analytics offer insights on the factors hat can influence customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Visual analytics helps business leaders quickly identify the areas that need immediate attention and improvement.
  • For a company that offers multiple products and services, visual analytics offers quick insights on the placement and serving of them to achieve higher advantages.
  • Visual analytics are a helpful tool to make predictions and forecasting of the sales, that help in planning the production, supply chain and other business activities. This saves time, money and efforts in a great manner.

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